General Conditions

1.  The Eisteddfod is open to any person. Entries for all sections must be lodged with the Secretaries before the official closing date, accompanied by the Entry Fees. ENTRY IN THE EISTEDDFOD CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF THE GENERAL CONDITIONS.

2.  In all classes in which not more than three competitors perform, only one prize will be awarded, unless the Adjudicator decides otherwise. Decisions of the Adjudicator must be accepted as final.

3.  In  the  event  of  a  tie  for  first  prize,  the  first  and  second  prize  will  be  divided  between  the Competitors.

4.  In all “Own Selection”  items, competitors must provide a copy for the Adjudicator, which must be  lodged  at  the  Secretaries  desk  15  minutes  prior  to  the  commencement  of  the  Section.
Instrumental  solos  should  include  accompanist’s  part. All  “Own Choice” music must  have  the bars numbered, and class and competitor number written on the copy.

Adjudicator’s and accompanist’s copies may be photocopies. Photo copied material provided for the adjudicator must not be returned and will be destroyed after the performance.

6.  The committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.

7.  A competitor must not use the same  item more than once during the Eisteddfod. In Speech & Drama and Music sections a competitor cannot use a piece with which he or she has won a First Prize at a Burnie Eisteddfod.

8.  No competitor may compete more than once in Solo or Duo sections, except in Teacher/Student Duo section where a competitor can compete again with a different instrument.

9.  In  group  sections,  in  Speech  and Music, where  two  items  are  presented,  the  same  competitors must be used in both items.

10.  Competitors’  places  will  be  numbered,  and  the  order  of  appearance  shown  in  the  Official Programme;  if  not present when  called  upon,  the  competitor may be  disqualified. Competitors will not be permitted to compete out of section

11.  ACCOMPANIST  –  All  competitors  must  provide  their  own  accompanist.  Recorded accompaniment is permitted. A back up device is recommended.

12.  No singing is allowed on tapes used for Choirs and Song and Dance Sections.

13.  No competitor shall address the Adjudicator or the audience from the stage or auditorium.

14.  Special lighting is the sole responsibility of competitors.

15.  A  competitor’s age  shall be  reckoned  as at  the  first day of January  in  the year of  competition. Competitors must be prepared to produce certificate of birth if required.

16. EACH FIRST prize winner, and winners of special awards, must be prepared to take part in Final Concerts,  failing which any prizes may be  forfeited. Competitors are only eligible for special awards including aggregates if all conditions have been adhered to.

17.  Competitors desiring stage furnishings must provide them at their own expense. Stage properties used must be of a type that can be quickly removed, leaving the stage clear of debris. This  is the responsibility  of  competitors.  Smoke  or  any materials  used  to  create  fog  effects  or  any  naked flame are not permitted.

18.  Only competitors and teachers are permitted backstage. (ie no senior students, parents etc) This applies to all sections except under 8. Competitors must leave backstage after performing.

19.  NO  PROMPTING  or  assistance  of  any  kind may  be  rendered  to  a  competitor  in  any  section during a performance except by the adjudicator. NB. – Adult conductors must not sing or speak with Under 18 Choirs. Teachers must not prompt  from  the wings. No  scripts allowed on  stage. For breaches of this rule, disqualification will be enforced.

20.  No rehearsal or practice is permitted in the Civic Theatre or Foyer during the Eisteddfod.

21.  The Committee reserves the right to substitute Adjudicators.

22.  TIME  LIMIT  IN  ALL  SECTIONS  WILL  BE  STRICTLY  ENFORCED.  COMPETITORS EXCEEDING THE TIME LIMIT ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A PLACING, and are eligible for comments only. Only one piece to be performed unless otherwise stated.

23.  DRAMA GROUPS allowed 5 minutes. for setting the stage and 5 minutes for striking.

24.  In solo or duo performances the use of “live props is not allowed.

25.  CURTAIN may be used for groups only. Competitors are responsible for the operation of the curtain.

26.  DISCUSSION  WITH  THE  ADJUDICATOR  ABOUT  COMPETITORS  OR  THE COMPETITION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. No one may speak to the Adjudicator during a session except committee members.

27.  The Committee reserves the right to combine two classes with insufficient entries.

28.  The Committee reserves the right to alter or amend the Programme sequence at any time.

29.  THE USE OF CAMERAS, VIDEOS AND TAPE RECORDERS IS PROHIBITED. Mobile phones and pagers must be switched off whilst in the theatre.

30.  CHAMPIONSHIPS UNDER 18. Competitors must appear in two other solo classes to be eligible:
Piano Championship entrants must appear in two other piano solo sections.
Vocal Championship entrants must appear in two other vocal solo sections.
Recitation Championship entrants must appear in two other speech solo sections.
Tap or Jazz Championship entrants must appear in two other dance solo sections.
Championship Sections must have a minimum of three competitors.

31. Protests must be lodged in writing with the Secretary with in one hour of the competition together with a fee of $20.00. The fee will be forfeited if the protest is deemed trivial. Decision of the Protest Committee shall be accepted as final and legally binding.

32. Every care will be taken for competitors’ safety, but the committee will not be responsible for any injury sustained during the Eisteddfod.

33. The committee reserves the right for the media or official photographers to take photos for promotional purpose. Competitors names and photographs may be used by the media.

33. Failure  to  comply  with  any  of  the  foregoing  conditions  will  involve  disqualification  and withholding of  any  prize. The decision of  the Committee  in  all questions  and  disputes  shall  be final. Entries are received subject to this proviso and shall not be subject to any appeal at law.

BURNIE CITY EISTEDDFOD SCHOLARSHIP. Competitors who reside on the North West Coast and  have  competed  in  five or more Burnie Eisteddfods  are  invited  to apply. Information  available from the Secretaries

Closing date for applications – 16th June